Architecture allows us to understand the past, the present and idealize what might be our future. We have the opportunity to document different projects, from all over the world, and tell these stories visually. Our goal, when thinking about a new video, is to inspire, inform and entertain.

Why We Hunt is a recap of how our year was. A statement of what we believe in and what we hunt for. It is a small taste of what we have seen and recorded. It also features some of the great architects we had the honor to encounter during this 2022. We spent it capturing beauty in the form of architecture. Thousands of hours of material. The tough part is to have to decide what does not go in the final version of this video.

We might not understand, right now, the importance of what we are doing. We are still shaping our video formats and discovering ways to best portray what we want to. Every new video is better than the previous one, and it's an endless circle of learning. Architecture is touching, every time we enter a project we discover something new, we have the privilege to understand a little more about what an architect or his clients were thinking when they idealized the project.

As of now, we are documenting the present. We hope to be documenting history. 


_written by Gabriel Alencar
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Syaoran 7

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