The project offers an experience and an aesthetic fresh way of interconnection between the city and its public.

_project: The Coffee
_architecture: Studio Boscardin Corsi Arquitetura
_location: around Brazil

The Coffee is a unique project by Boscardin Corsi architecture studio that demonstrates how architecture can significantly impact the user experience and brand-customer relationships. The coffee shops' Asian minimalist style provides a unique experience that is directly related to the brand's concept. The design of the coffee shops has created a visually appealing and unpretentious space, which is naturally instagrammable.

In interviews with influencer Adriano Tadeu Barbosa and journalist Daniel Moura, both express their appreciation for The Coffee's architecture. Adriano explains that the combination of the clean, laid-back concept of the brand, high-quality coffee, and the arrangement of devices, technology, and colours, makes him a regular customer. Daniel emphasizes that architecture plays a crucial role in shaping the experience people have in a place, and he cannot think of The Coffee brand without relating it to the coffee projects. He loves the instagrammable space that is more unpretentious.

The architecture of The Coffee relates directly to the company's brand, according to both Adriano and Daniel. Adriano believes that it transmits an easy and simple way to buy high-quality coffee in any of the stores. For him, going to the location to pick up the coffee completes the experience, and the architecture makes this happen naturally. Daniel notes that the architecture is related to the concept of the brand and creates a unique experience that complements the project.

Architect and professor Pedro Sunye also share his thoughts on The Coffee's architecture, believing that it brings distinction and agility in the urban setting and the preparation process. He sees The Coffee as an ideal place for quick and predictable consumption, much like a McDonald's of cafes. The architecture conveys a disruptive character that aligns with the brand's philosophy.

Both Adriano and Pedro believe that the environment is the most important factor in deciding which cafe to visit. Adriano emphasizes that architecture plays a fundamental role in creating an environment that brings feelings and meanings that make customers want to return. Meanwhile, Pedro sees architecture as a factor that brings distinction and agility to the consumption experience.

The Coffee's architecture has significantly influenced the customer experience and the brand's relationship with its customers. The combination of modern design elements and high-quality coffee has contributed to the success of this project, making The Coffee a unique and innovative cafe that stands out from the rest. The project showcases the importance of architecture in creating a memorable experience for customers and the crucial role it plays in shaping brand identity.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_cover image: Eduardo Macarios
_film by Architecture Hunter

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