The project seamlessly blends nature and technology to create a unique living space that is both inviting and practical.

Presented by Docol | Mekal
_project: Terrace Apartment
_architecture: Estúdio Guto Requena
_kitchen and laundry metals: Docol
_stainless steel kitchen: Mekal
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

Guto Requena is a Brazilian architect who has been exploring the concept of affectivity in his projects. Guto believes that technology can be used to create projects that are supported by affection and empathy. One of his most significant projects, the Love Project, involves people telling their love stories while sensors on their bodies collect data such as brain activity, heartbeat, and voice. This data is then used as parameters for a 3D printer to print objects, making the intangible tangible.

Guto integrates the concept of affectivity into his designs through the use of technology. One example of this is his architectural pavilion called Mapped Empathies, which serves as a bus stop. People can sit down, put their finger on a sensor, and collect their heartbeats, which are then displayed as light pulses and hear the heartbeat. Another project, My Heart Beats Like Yours, is an urban installation that uses a sensor to capture the heartbeat of LGBTQ+ activists, and excerpts from interviews are played back when someone sits down.

Guto sees technology transforming the field of architecture by creating a hybrid architecture that combines digital and analogue materiality. He believes that buildings made of engineered wood are more sustainable and environmentally responsible than traditional construction. He is interested in using new technologies, such as robotic arms and CNC cuts, to produce architecture made of prefabricated wood.

In the methodological process of developing a project, Guto sees digital fabrication as having a significant impact. He is interested in using algorithms to create shapes, as well as architectural programming and parametric architecture. Guto's studio has been using 3D printing more and more in their creation process.

Guto's work aims to awaken smiles, reflections, and feelings, showing that architecture and design are essential in creating public spaces that promote humanism. He believes that affectivity and empathy are essential ingredients in creating such spaces. Guto's work is a testament to his belief that technology can be used to create human-centered projects that benefit society.

His Terrace Apartment, located in São Paulo, Brazil, perfectly represents the philosophy behind Guto’s work. The project seamlessly blends nature and technology to create a unique living space that is both inviting and practical. In addition to its practical features, the balcony apartment is also a visually stunning space, that is both functional and emotionally engaging, with a focus on sustainability, technology, and human connection.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Maíra Acayaba
_drawings by Estúdio Guto Requena:

  1. Isometric Gif
  2. Layout

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