The 61st edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano, the largest design and furniture fair in the world, took place from April 18th to 23rd, 2023 in Milan, Italy. Among its illustrious exhibitors, the high-end custom furniture brand Ornare was present at the fair, being the only Brazilian brand in its sector to participate in the event for the fourth consecutive time. At the exhibition, Ornare unveiled its new Timeless collection, highlighting the importance of being well-made and having exquisite attention to detail.

Under the artistic direction of Viviane Coser and with the styling of Renata Correa, the stand's layout showcased the sophistication and elegance of the brand. Featuring a wide range of finishes for maximum customization, the Timeless collection is orientated by the concept of long-lasting and personality-rich furniture, made to last for generations. The brand’s co-founder, Esther Schattan, says the collection reflects a moment of change and rethinking of values, with furniture made to last and transcend decades.

The Architecture Hunter team covered Ornare’s stand at the fair, featuring the collection launches, including the Timeless Closet, Timeless Beauty, Timeless Bar, Timeless Island, Timeless Edge Desk, and Timeless Rack. Discover the stunning designs below.

Timeless Closet

Ornare’s closet line is crafted from durable solid wood, ensuring it withstands the test of time. Vertical brises are evenly spaced to create an aesthetic play of light and shadow, and the addition of metal finishes provides the final touch to these one-of-a-kind pieces. The collection features three variations: ventilated, partially ventilated, and smooth with massive fillets. 

Timeless Island

The Timeless Island is a glass display case that has been designed with a clean and distinctive style, made of wood and glass. To highlight the displayed object, this refined piece has a LED lighting system integrated with sensors located at the top. This piece is highly adaptable, as it can be customized to include drawers or shelves, and can be produced in various sizes and finishes, including leather upholstery.

Timeless Edge Desk

The Edge Desk was meticulously crafted to provide both ergonomic and functional benefits. While possessing a sturdy structure, it also exudes an elegant appearance, merging industrial technology with artisanal manufacturing. The harmonious interplay of these contrasting elements, combined with the inclusion of discreet sockets, adjustable lighting, drawers, and assorted object holders, provide an exceptional and distinctive user experience.

Timeless Rack

The Mancebo is a functional and timeless object that combines traditional elements with contemporary techniques. Made of steel, solid wood and leather, its elegance and sophistication are easily perceived. The symmetrical design, fluid lines, curves, and metallic tips add a touch of luxury to this product, elevating it to the status of a monument.

Timeless Beauty

Crafted with solid wood and natural leather using meticulous attention to detail, the Timeless Beauty line is designed to upraise the intimate moment of personal care to a remarkable experience. This unique piece combines both aesthetics and functionality for an unforgettable experience, featuring a leather top, dressing room mirror with built-in lighting, sliding tray, accessory holder, and sockets. 

Timeless Bar

This line is scrupulously designed, presenting a robust structure that contrasts with the lightness of the partitions that standouts in any environment. Its various finishes and textures allow for different compositions, as the line was conceptualized to be versatile. Thanks to its niches, doors, drawers, and bar, it provides solutions for different spaces, offering great freedom in configuration and uses.


_written by Sophia Valerio
_images by Architecture Hunter
_cover image courtesy of Ornare

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