Kohler’s Installation at Palazzo del Senato: transforming tradition.

Presented by Kohler

_project: Kohler's Installation at Palazzo del Senato
_architecture: Samuel Ross
_location: Palazzo del Senato, Milan, Italy

Historical landmarks such as Palazzo del Senato offer great potential for adaptation, serving as dynamic platforms for cultural exchange and creative exploration. Milan Design Week, renowned for its avant-garde design showcases, is also an opportunity to envision the transformation of the Palazzo del Senato into a nexus for interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration.

Rich in history, Palazzo del Senato is a symbol of Italy's past, yet as societal dynamics evolve, so too must the use of such spaces. By reimagining Palazzo as a vibrant hub for design discourse, it goes beyond its traditional role, inviting designers, architects, and the public to converge within its historic walls.

Milan Design Week has become a catalyst for meaningful interaction and exchange. By challenging conventional space usage, the public is invited to contemplate the multifaceted potential of historical buildings in addressing contemporary needs. This year, Palazzo del Senato became once again a canvas for innovation, bridging the past with the present in a harmonious synthesis, and respecting the rich heritage while enriching it with new vitality.

This year Palazzo del Senato become the stage for the exhibition by Kohler in a partnership with design studio Yabu Pushelberg to create an environment that transcends the ordinary, inviting visitors on a captivating journey where art, design, technology and wellbeing intersect. Much of the display emphasizes the links between technology, design, and wellness within the modern bathroom.

Rather than relegating the built environment to static pieces, repurposing spaces like Palazzo del Senato fosters dynamic engagement with the past, making it relevant and vibrant for the cultural environment today. The idea of repurposing historical landmarks for events like Milan Design Week reflects the transformative power of architecture. It challenges us to reimagine the built environment not as static objects of the past, but as living embodiments of cultural evolution, capable of inspiring, educating, and uniting communities.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover and image scroll courtesy of Kohler

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