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Architecture Hunter is entering the reign of interactive storytelling. What you’re about to watch is an interactive video where you as a spectator have the possibility to choose different paths of the narrative according to what interests you the most. Meaning that we are placing the course of the narrative in your hands. Exciting right? This is the world's first interactive design video!

Whether is a piece of furniture or a building, when Jader Almeida is designing, he always keeps people at the forefront of his mind. His goal is to create designs that will bring joy and beauty into people's lives. He’s a Brazilian furniture and industrial designer who has made a name for himself with his simple, yet functional designs. Jader’s work is known for its use of clean lines and minimalist aesthetics and his design philosophy is simple: "Design should make people happy." He believes that good design should be accessible to everyone, and that products should be created with people's needs and happiness in mind.

We asked three architecture offices three different questions about their perception of Jader Almeida's work:

For the architect Juliana Pippi, what she admires most about his work “is the versatility of his creations, from the function, shape and composition of materials, which, combined with the exquisite finishing of the pieces, makes his design contemporary and timeless.”

When it comes to the pieces designed by Jader, Carlos Costa and Diana Radomysler from studio_mk27 point out the dining table “Dinn” and the sofa “Matriz” as the most remarkable pieces. “Jader Almeida manages to work on all scales, from the smallest to the largest pieces, with great creativity, lightness and precision in execution. The pieces communicate perfectly with the architecture of studio mk27 in terms of proportion, large spans and the lightness of the structure".

Jader is an outstanding designer with multiple awards. In insight, what is his greatest contribution to Brazilian design? “I think that his power of synthesis and his precision in the production of pieces are Jader Almeida's great contributions” states João Armentano. “He has a unique sensitivity: he manages to equate the elegance and refinement of modern design, the irreverence and authenticity of Brazilian furniture, with an environmental conscience that, even though it is fundamental for any designer working in the contemporary market, remains an exceptional characteristic.”

Jader Almeida is an architect who conquered the furniture industry. His unique creativity in building unique pieces has earned him several awards and his creations have already become iconic. The lightness and fluidity of shapes are the trademark of his designs, which bring luxury and comfort to every style of decoration. Jader is a true artist, and his work is truly one-of-a-kind.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva

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