Two bridges: a physical one and its subsequent interconnection between a team. How can architecture affect work dynamics?

_presented by Fritz Hansen
_project: Fritz Hansen Headquarters Rebuild
_architecture: Fritz Hansen
_location: Allerød, Denmark

As research about human productivity continues to progress, it's becoming widely accepted that it isn't simply the things we do that impact how productive we are. It’s where we do them. The design and architecture of the building we work in can have a drastic effect to our overall productivity and wellness. The workspace should adapt to the person using it, rather than the person accommodating the space.

With this in mind Fritz Hansen, an internationally renowned interior design brand, decided to take action and by simply building a bridge, it connected the administration and production, in order to get product management closer to product manufacturing. The goal was to make the two sides of the company intertwined, to work closer together.

Christian Andresen, the Creative Experience Director, revealed that the company spends a lot of effort trying to be relevant in time. “In recent years the most significant shift has been our ambition to lead the sustainable agenda through what is measurable and a clear strategy that good design will outlive yourself.”

For the development of the new headquarters, “the main idea was that what we have, we have. (…) There is so much history in our walls that needs to be visible, so why not pay homage to the nice materials of the 1930-1960’s – in situ concrete, woodchip ceilings, steel panels and concrete floors and let them be the theatre for the modern set pieces of interior elements and let our products be the actors on the stage. This has been our approach.”

More than anything, the project celebrates their industrial heritage and their profound design history. But it is impressive how “a simple, elegant and minimalistic upgrade actually lifts the perception and feel of the products throughout the newly renovated spaces.”


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image courtesy of Fritz Hansen

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