This juxtaposition emphasized the tension between innovation and tradition, between the present and the past.

_installation: Kohler
_art: Daniel Arsham
_location: Milan, Italy

The installation "Divided Layers" by artist Daniel Arsham, created in collaboration with luxury plumbing brand Kohler, was one of the standout pieces at Milan Design Week 2022. The installation was housed in the historic Palazzo dell'Arengario, a 1930s building located in the heart of Milan, adding an extra layer of meaning to the artwork.

The installation consisted of a series of translucent sculptures arranged in a grid pattern, each composed of multiple layers of material. The layers were carefully positioned to create a sense of depth and dimensionality, while the translucent material allowed light to pass through, creating a dynamic interplay of colour and shadow. The installation was designed to be interactive, with visitors encouraged to move around the sculptures to experience the changing visual effects.

The modern, minimalist sculptures were set against the grand and opulent backdrop of the Baroque palace, creating a stunning visual contrast between the simplistic geometric forms of the artwork and the ornate, decorative architecture of the building. This juxtaposition emphasized the tension between innovation and tradition, between the present and the past, and drew attention to the contrast between the contemporary artwork and the historical building.

Daniel's inspiration for the installation came from the concept of time and the idea of creating an artwork that would change over time. The layers of the sculptures were designed to shift and change as the light moved throughout the day, creating a dynamic and ever-changing artwork. The installation was also designed to be sustainable, with the use of recycled materials and a focus on minimizing waste.

The collaboration between Kohler and Daniel was seen as a successful one, with both parties bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the project. Kohler's expertise in plumbing and bathroom design was complemented by Daniel's artistic vision and technical skill, resulting in an artwork that showcased the beauty of both form and function.

"Divided Layers" was a standout installation at Milan Design Week 2022, showcasing the innovative approach and technical skill of artist Daniel Arsham and luxury plumbing brand Kohler. The installation challenged viewers to think differently about the interplay between light, colour, and form, while also highlighting the importance of sustainability and minimizing waste in contemporary art and design.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_cover image: Architecture Hunter
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