A weekend house that invites the enjoyment of nature.

_project: Casa Migrante
_architecture: João Panaggio
_construction: MPS Construtora e Incorporadora 
_location: Casacor Rio 2022, Brazil

Nomads have always relied on portable and adaptable structures to accommodate their lifestyles. The concept of nomadism challenges architects to think outside the box and design living spaces that are not only functional but also flexible and adaptable. With the rise of digital nomads and the increasing popularity of the nomadic lifestyle, the demand for portable and self-sufficient living spaces has never been higher, making architecture and nomadism more relevant than ever before.

Casa Migrante, designed by João Panaggio, is a project that celebrates the nomadic lifestyle and the movement of contemporary society. The project is unique in that it can be located anywhere and is designed to be a portable living space. The project was also featured in the renowned Casacor Rio de Janeiro, where João was the youngest architect ever to be included in the event.

One of the most striking features of Casa Migrante is the large glass doors that open up the living space to the outdoors. These are designed to receive plenty of natural light and allow the occupants to feel connected to the surrounding environment.

Despite being the youngest architect to be featured in Casacor Rio de Janeiro, João has demonstrated an impressive level of skill and expertise in his work. His ability to create a functional and beautiful living space, that is designed to be portable, is a testament to his talent and creativity.

João Panaggio's innovative and creative design has created a living space that is not only practical and functional but also beautiful and inspiring. His achievement as the youngest architect in its edition of Casacor Rio de Janeiro is acknowledging his talent and the bright future ahead of him. 


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by MCA estúdio

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