A film that expresses the silent voice of architecture, its visual speech.

_project: Casa MC
_architecture: Basiches Arquitetos Associados
_location: São Paulo, Brazil

When thinking of São Paulo, what immediately comes to my mind is the approach at Congonhas airport, which is located right in the heart of the city. You can spot some vegetation in isolated areas, but the overall image is this dense concrete atmosphere.

The feeling of getting in Casa MC, designed by Basiches, is the complete opposite. The interesting part of it, though, is that the house is also located in the middle of São Paulo. When you arrive there, the temperature immediately drops a few degrees, mostly because of the dense vegetation that the neighborhood has. It literally feels like an oasis, an escape from the everyday routine and stress that a city as imponent and as important as São Paulo applies to you. When the front gate of the property opens up, you see this powerful sculptural house, surrounded by dozens of centennial trees.

One of the challenges of building the house was exactly to not move, or cut, any of the vegetation that was already there. And the challenge became its most notable feature: every opening in the concrete was made to frame nature. When outside, you look towards the house and see all these open spaces, carefully chosen mobilia and a diversity of materials that were applied to the construction. All in perfect harmony. But the highlight, the star of the show, is exactly what was already there - for centuries - and hasn't been given the deserved attention.

As you will experience from the videos, and as myself experienced while capturing the images, the presence of nature is so intense that it invades the house spaces. And what the proprietors wanted when they briefed Basiches is exactly what was achieved: a retirement home that feels completely isolated and private. And if I hadn't told you that this house is located in the middle of the most chaotic city of Latin America, I bet you wouldn't believe it.


_written by Gabriel Alencar
_film by Architecture Hunter
_cover image by Fran Parente
_drawings by Basiches Arquitetos Associados

  1. Ground Floor

  2. Upper Floor

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