Bel Corpo: merging minimalism and nature in a sanctuary for body and soul.

_project: Bel Corpo Body Aesthetic Studio
_architecture: Babayants Architects
_location: Moscow, Russia

In architectural design, creating spaces that nurture both the body and soul has become a primary goal. Architects are increasingly focusing on environments that transcend mere functionality, aiming to evoke emotional and sensory experiences. This approach is exemplified in the Bel Corpo Body Aesthetic Studio, a project by Babayants Architects, which stands as a testament to this philosophy.

Located in the heart of a metropolitan city, Bel Corpo Studio is an architectural project, designed as an oasis of tranquility amidst urban chaos. The studio's design philosophy merges minimalism with natural elements, creating a space that is both sensuous and serene. As the architects themselves articulate, "The interior has to express softness and sensuality, set on relaxation and self-care." This guiding principle is reflected in every aspect of the studio, from the rounded shapes and tactile textures to the soothing color palette. The design is crafted to resonate with the essence of a woman's body, symbolizing curves and life energy, which aligns perfectly with the studio's focus on physical beauty and wellbeing.

The studio's unique absence of sharp edges or vertices is a conscious design choice, aimed at fostering a soothing and organic atmosphere. This emphasis on a primary emotion of delighting in the beauty of a woman’s body is evident in the studio's meticulous attention to detail. The architects explain, "Everything is submitted to interior architecture: rounded arches and outlines of each detail in absolutely every space." This attention is further enhanced by the use of handmade plaster-covered walls, natural stone floors, and custom-made fiberglass furniture, all contributing to an immersive and sensuous experience.

Lighting plays a key role in setting the studio's ambiance, with a mix of bright direct lighting and accent backlights creating an immersive space. The inclusion of decorative pendant lights designed by Michael Anastassiades seamlessly integrates into the spatial geometry, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

At the core of the studio's design is a celebration of natural beauty. Elements like tree trunks and naturally dried grass from the Netherlands not only aid in relaxation but also form a visually stunning backdrop for the studio's oxygen capsule.

The project's success is also attributed to the collaborative relationship with the client, who shared the architects' vision of an atmospheric, aesthetic, and minimalist space. This partnership, underpinned by a mutual appreciation for a healthy and sportive lifestyle, allowed for a harmonious and fluid design process, culminating in the creation of Bel Corpo, a space that transcends the traditional concept of a studio, evolving into a sanctuary for both body and soul.


_article written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Sergei Krasyuk
_curatorship by Architecture Hunter
_cover and image scroll by Sergei Krasyuk

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