By choosing elements such as oak wood and gray marble, the architecture inclines to peacefulness.

_project: Balmoral House
_architecture: 932 Design & Contracts Pte Ltd
_location: Singapore

Balmoral House, designed by 932 Design, pays tribute to the architecture of the building by incorporating its hexagonal façade into the interior. This is achieved by incorporating angled walls and cabinets with curving edges, which act as a guide between spaces and seamlessly blend the interior with the exterior. The natural oak finish and fillet corners create a soothing atmosphere, and the sheer curtains provide a soft, natural glow, making the space a tranquil haven.

In an interview, the architects emphasized the importance of craftsmanship in modern architecture. Despite technological advancements, architects still need to create functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings, which require attention to detail and collaboration skills. For the Balmoral House project, the architects crafted intricate details such as the customised dining table wrapped in black timber finish and a luxurious grey marble top.

Sustainability was also a key consideration in the design of Balmoral House. To reduce the need for future maintenance, eco-conscious, high-efficiency, anti-fingerprint laminate was used instead of natural timber. Additionally, the original architectural windows provide ample natural light and promote cross-ventilation, reducing the need for air conditioning systems.

The architects hope that people will take away a sense of tranquility and simplicity from experiencing Balmoral House. The space was designed with a profound understanding of the existing architectural layout and the homeowners' living habits, providing a serene space to unwind and rejuvenate. The values and mission of 932 Design are reflected in the design philosophy of elevating lifestyles with effortless ease and prioritizing physical and visual comfort.


_written by Daniela Moreira Silva
_film by Architecture Hunter & Studio Periphery
_cover image by Studio Periphery
_drawings by 932 Design:

  1. Existing Plan
  2. Layout Plan

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